1) Who is the CIVICO handbook for?
The handbook is addressed to junior high school and secondary school teachers. Its objective is the promotion of including lessons on civic competence to school curriculum. The handbook offers teachers specific practice scenarios that they can use during their lessons.


2) What is the target age group of students for whom Civico lessons were created?  
Lessons are addressed to junior high school and secondary school students – according to the application these should be students 14+.

3) Can younger pupils be involved in the use of this?
A: The project is focused on the secondary older phase and 14+ in particular but institutions can certainly use the approaches and adapt them if they choose to do so since civic skills are very relevant to all.


4) Is it possible to use lesson scenarios from the handbook without paying for it?
Yes, it is. The handbook was developed with funding from the European Union and its distribution is completely free of charge. The authors of the project do not charge for using CIVICO handbook.


5) Does CIVICO handbook have to be used as a whole or is it possible to use only some of its elements?
The handbook does not have to be used as a whole. It is possible to use only selected exercises, depending on students and teachers needs.


6) Can the material from CIVICO handbook be altered or modified for one’s needs?
Yes, but it is important always to inform about the modification. The material is protected with a copyright. If you would like to use it in your work (for example in an article or a presentation), please include the information that the material is the result of CIVICO project, which was implemented within the EU Comenius program.


7) Where can you get more information about civic competence?
The partnership collected recommended bibliography on teaching civic competences. The list of the recommended entries can be found on the project webpage: http://www.civicoproject.eu/vrc_en.php in the Virtual Resorce Centre section.

  8) If I use CIVICO materials during my lessons, I expect that the authors would like to get some feedback. Who should I send such information to?
The authors of the handbook would be grateful if the remarks about Civico lessons are sent to contact addresses to be found on the project webpage.

9) Can I get in touch with the author of the Guide?
Yes, please send your questions to the authors’ contact addresses that can be found on the project webpage.


10) Has CIVICO handbook been tested already?
Yes, in March 2012 the handbook testing stage took place in 4 European countries (Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy). The handbook was tested in 8 schools (2 for each country) for a few months.


11) Does it require any special preparation from teachers to conduct lessons based on the handbook scenarios?
No previous training is necessary but it would be useful to get to know the “civic competence” issue presented on our webpage in advance. It is also recommended to read the handbook from cover to cover to understand which of its chapters are the best to be used in the class by the teacher.


12) Are there any trainings for the teachers planned on how to use the handbook?
Yes, each partner institution is obliged to organize 2 training workshops on CIVICO project till the end of September 2012. Please contact partner institutions to get more information on specific dates and places.


13) Will participating schools have the chance to share materials more widely?
This aspect of the project is part of sustainability and we hope that there will be continued collaboration. The project intends to encourage and support this and partner countries will provide details.


14) Is there any funding for staff and students to travel and interact on project related topics?
A: Not from this project's funds, but we would encourage others to explore information within the EC and other sources for potential support as exchange and wider contact can be very advantageous. Partners may post some links for sources of such funding support.


In case of specific questions, which are not present in F.A.Q. yet, you can send a request directly to the partners (e-mail in Partners/Contact) . The technical staff of CIVICO will provide answers to your questions within the shortest time possible. However, the time of response may vary depending on the complexity of the questions.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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